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Welcome to my world. I am building my written works that include a vast array of creativity based in reality and beyond. I have written in various genres and styles since I was a child. My myriad of works include short stories, poems, novels, and even a musical. I am currently working on "The Edge of Time", a novel about coming of age and time travel. I have completed the first book in my life journey memoir series, "Life's a Concert: how I found me, danced through personal armageddons, and ate buttered popcorn along the way," and am currently seeking publication options. My more than twenty-five years of writing experience ranges from business and academic communications to the twice a semester marketing association publication I edited and wrote for while at Northern Illinois University. I have been published in COD's Prairie Light Review multiple times, had a science fiction column, and speak about identity to a wide variety of audiences. I freelance as a ghost writer, maintain an academic blog devoted to social justice, and teach college students how to write about Sociology.




TWO POEMS PUBLISHED IN PRAIRIE LIGHT REVIEW FALL 2016 Bonniejean has had two additional poems published in the fall 2016 edition of Prairie Light Review. Those poems are "the nightmare" and "Yes". This is a follow up to her poems "Grovel, I Shall Never" and "She is With You" that were published by PLR in Spring of 2016. Along with her pieces, se ...[more]