Serpentine by Barry Napier


by Barry Napier

Clarkton Lake is a picturesque vacation spot located in rural Virginia, great for fishing, skiing, and wasting summer days away. But this summer, something is different. When butchered bodies are discovered in the water and along the muddy banks of Clarkton Lake, what starts out as a typical summer on the lake quickly turns into a nightmare. This summer, something new lives in the lake...something that was born in the darkest depths of the ocean and accidentally brought to these typically peaceful waters. It's getting bigger, it's getting smarter...and it's always hungry.

horror, sea monsters, lake monsters, body horror

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Barry is the author of several novels including the Cooper M. Reid series, The Bleeding Room, Nests, Serpentine and much more. He has more than 50 credits to hisy name, including novels, short story collections, poetry collections, and a chapbook published by small press and mid-sized venues. His work has appeared in a wide range of publications, from a Norton anthology to a horror collection thematically based on The Wizard of Oz.

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