The First Key of Kalijor by Paul Lell

The First Key of Kalijor

by Paul Lell

Riana and her sister race to save two worlds from an unknown power that is threatening to unravel reality around them.

Riana and her twin, Katrina grew up in the trade city of Rathalon, normal elves with normal lives. They studied at the Magic Academy like their parents before them, and were well on their way to the sorts of lives that most young adventurers dream of, when a letter from their mother turns everything upside down. The next thing they know, they are racing across Kalijor in a life or death struggle to prevent a dark Ranger from activating a powerful magic artifact that could unleash a terrible evil upon the world. Along the way, their understanding of the world slowly begins to change. Reality warps around them as the mystery deepens and in the midst of it all, a startling revelation causes Riana's world to completely unravel, catapulting her into a complex web of even more secrets and lies that could destroy two worlds.

Born and raised in and around Denver, Colorado, Paul has been telling stories (some true, some not so much) for most of his life. This trait led to an early adoption of role playing games and a life-long love of the written word. An abrupt change of career in 2007 gave him the opportunity to publish his first novel, and he’s been at it ever since; trying to outdo himself with each new book. Currently residing in Westminster, Colorado (he never did make it far from where he began), with his family; a wife, two sons, a giant dog, and two giant cats, he writes daily, reads everything he can, and works on refining his stories, and games at all hours.

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