Forgotten Relics by Tiffany Cherney

Forgotten Relics

by Tiffany Cherney

Rei had lost it all: her family, a safe home, and, most important, her freedom. Now, as Captain of the starship Kathya, she sails the galaxy stealing from anyone who crosses her crew’s path, using the very power her former captors gave her. She’s found friendship, a community, and adventure beyond her wildest dreams, but the ghosts of her past refuse to leave her in peace. Her old enemies are hunting again. Still, when an old friend requests her help to secure ancient relics of knowledge, Rei can’t resist, even while she’s in danger of being captured. This is her chance to strike back. Her crew has the talent, the knowledge, and the motivation to help, but succeeding might be more transformative than she thought

scifi, fantasy, action


Tiffany is a life long lover of books, a love that eventually led to her writing her own ideas down and sharing them with the world. She is also a lover and active seeker of things of the geeky variety. She lives in Michigan with her husband, son and two other "kids" that just happened to be furry and have four legs. In addition to living in worlds of fantasy or fighting in space battles she holds a Masters of Political Science.

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