Maxium Velocity: The Best of Full Throttle Space Tales by David Boop

Maxium Velocity: The Best of Full Throttle Space Tales

by David Boop

"dark, grim stories, generally utterly bleak and devoid of any note of hope... " - Amazon Review

A collection of the best stories from the six volumes of Full Throttle Space Tales

The Full-Throttle Space Tales series collected action-packed, high octane, science fiction stories across the full potential of the genre. Here, the original editors have teamed up to pick the very best of Full-Throttle Space Tales, eighteen stories collected here for the first time. Stories by David Boop, C.J. Henderson, W.A. Hoffman, Julia Phillips, David Lee Summers, Carol Hightshoe, Irene Radford, Bob Brown, Scott Pearson, Alan L. Lickiss, Danielle Ackley-McPhail, Dayton Ward, Anna Paradox, Ivan Ewert, Erik Scott de Bie, Shannon Page, Mark Ferrari, Gene Mederos, Jean Johnson, Mike Resnick, and Brad R. Torgersen Buckle your seatbelts, because we’re going to accelerate to Maximum Velocity! My story "On the Eve of the Last Great Ratings War"

Anthology, Science Fiction, Action, Anthropomorphic, Space Pirates

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