Primetime - A Novel by Brian Harrison

Primetime - A Novel

by Brian Harrison

As the lone survivor of a drive by shooting in a little town in Michigan, Sam Maguire doesn't see the world the same way anymore. Not since the shooting. Suddenly being a store clerk becomes more than a tedious job. Now Sam can see his customers and coworkers as they truly are. The scammers, the threats, the mentally unstable, the drunk, hell - even the illiterate and smelly -- they all come through him. Pay him. And if someone's rude? Well, Sam's not your average clerk anymore. Primetime is a dark comedic novel with an inside look inspired by twelve years behind the grocery counter. Who is watching what you buy?

comedy, dark comedy, fiction, retail, grocery store,

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Working at a grocery store for over 15 years now, working every position there and becoming one of the managers of a corporate chain store, I have seen and heard it all in the retail/service world. I had to get those stories, thoughts, feelings, and ways to escape out of my head. I had to write not out of compulsion but out of a love of writing. And that's how my writing life began. I grew up in a small town in Southwestern Michigan (coincidentally a town that no one that visits knows how to pronounce correctly), originally attending school to become a music therapist but the tapping of the keyboard was more addicting and found myself attending Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. I play the drums, Netflix way to much, collect watches, and I will eat all your Oreo's.

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