Progeny by Brian Harrison
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by Brian Harrison

Dr. Cylus Pine, an experimental psychologist takes in serial criminals to rehabilitate through group therapy. Remus enters Dr. Pines facility after exacting revenge of his abusive father. He begins his therapy with a serial killer, a mother, a bomber, and rape victim. Through the course of their therapy they discover the true effects of their crimes.The cause though is up to their interpretation of their own truth. PROGENY is the first of six novels.

pschological fiction, thriller,

Harry as

Working at a grocery store for over 15 years now, working every position there and becoming one of the managers of a corporate chain store, I have seen and heard it all in the retail/service world. I had to get those stories, thoughts, feelings, and ways to escape out of my head. I had to write not out of compulsion but out of a love of writing. And that's how my writing life began. I grew up in a small town in Southwestern Michigan (coincidentally a town that no one that visits knows how to pronounce correctly), originally attending school to become a music therapist but the tapping of the keyboard was more addicting and found myself attending Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. I play the drums, Netflix way to much, collect watches, and I will eat all your Oreo's.

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