The Edge of Time by Bonneiejan Alford

The Edge of Time

by Bonneiejan Alford

Enjoy life, living each moment to the fullest. . . for you never know when the timeline will shift!

Our story unfolds as Ally Morganne, a young woman named heir to an unknown estate, has her world of academia interrupted when thrust into a new and surreal existence. With her mysterious inheritance comes an obligation to become “The Great Protector” of the human time line. Under the tutelage of Kelsey Keagan, her inexperienced journey guide, Ally must undergo a new kind of education, exposure to strange scientific advances, and become leader of the elusive cult-like village of Edgewater, Illinois. Charged with keeping this daunting secret, Ally faces both heartache and the need to make life-altering decisions that impact not only her personal existence, but also the fate of the entire world. Somehow, Ally manages to find the courage to accept her new role in life, even after learning that she was adopted. Betrayal by those who taught her honesty, combined with a need to trust strangers, leads to romance and excitement, rolled together with science fiction.

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Bonniejean Alford has been writing in various genres and styles since she was a child. Her myriad of works include short stories, poems, novels, and even a musical. Currently, she is working on a science fiction novel, "The Edge of Time." She has completed the first book in her life journey memoir series, "Life's a Concert: how I found me, danced through personal armageddons, and ate buttered popcorn along the way." Her more than twenty-five years of writing experience ranges from business and academic communications to the twice a semester marketing association publication she edited and wrote for while at Northern Illinois University. She has been published in COD's Prairie Light Review multiple times, had a science fiction column, and speaks about identity to a wide variety of audiences. Bonniejean freelances as a ghost writer, maintains an academic blog devoted to social justice, and teaches college students how to write about Sociology. She holds two Master of Art degrees, one in Sociology and one in Communication. Bonniejean currently resides in Wheaton, Illinois.