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Turning fifty was the first time I really felt my age. I always felt and looked younger then I actually am chronologically. I still do look younger then I am but do I feel it? No, not quite. I have aches and pains that I have never felt before. Also I have not in my opinion reached my full potential yet.

As I watch young celebrities panicking about reaching the ripe old age of thirty years old and getting Botox, I shake my head sadly. At thirty I was still being carded. I was still asked if I was old enough to work in this office. Thirty? They are children!

Believe me kids, thirty is nothing. Now fifty, that is a brick wall that you have to watch out for. All of the sudden you ache in places you have never even thought of before. You have problems with parts of your body that worked perfectly just the year before. You gain weight easier, and it is harder to get it off. (This part is for women, I know men have it better than we do in this area).

Fifty is what they should be worried about. No, I will not be getting surgery of any kind. I hate shots and hospitals. I don’t want anyone coming near me with a knife unless it is to save my life and even then I will have to think about it. I hate anyone touching my face with cold hard tools, ask my dentist. (Oh and your teeth become a problem they never were before either!!!)

So watching these young beautiful kids panic and run to get Botox really made me shake my head and feel very sad.

So I asked myself, why am I panicked? I don’t think I am panicking really, I am just realizing that a lot of my dreams and goals have passed me by. I am upset because though I have tried I have never had that mentor or person who gave me a chance or loving guidance.

I have done a lot on my own with the help of my friends and family. I am proud of that. So this is both therapy and a way to pass on a bit of my hard earned wisdom (well knowledge).

I decided to write about my firsts…(gulp)…half century in this best of all possible worlds.

What follows are a few fascinating bits and bobs of my life. The things I have done, the people I have met, the places I have seen and been.

I have re-written the goals of my life and these experiences helped formed them. As I write this I began to realize I have led a hell of a life!

Chapter One

My Early Life

According to the pictorial evidence I was a very cute baby. I had full head of curly hair and big blue eyes. I, of course, still have the blue eyes (My Mom told me she and Dad prayed that I kept them and they did not deepen to another color.) but my hair lost the curl after my first haircut. I have been very unconcerned about my hair since; I can cut it without a tear which is very strange to my friends.

I was born in Southern California and was raised in Los Angeles. I have always been surrounded by show business. When I was a baby my mother had been stopped often so people could gaze at me drooling into my carriage. They were often told I should be in commercials.

My Parents thought I was the most beautiful, talented and amazing child. (Silly parents) I was in dancing classes with Art Linketter’s Dance Studio, (he was famous for a show called; Kid’s Say the Darnest Things.) I loved it and I was a natural performer. I loved the clothes and my pretty pink dancing box. I was not the most brilliant dancer but I was very enthusiastic. I even have a little trophy from the school and a picture of me in a hula skirt and halter top, my lips smeared with bright red lipstick. It makes me laugh.

As I said, I was always a little performer, there is footage of one of my birthdays, taken by my Dad of course, I must have been about 5 years old. It was at a place that doesn’t exist anymore called Genie Land. It was a very popular place because I Dream of Jeanine was still on TV. Famous people came like Louis Jordan (my favorite of his films was Gigi) went there. In fact, he was there for his child’s birthday same day as mine.

I was sitting up there on the podium, my mouth going a mile a minute, (my Grandma was worried when I was not speaking by two but after I started talking a few months later she asked my Mom, How do we get her to stop?) and when I opened my presents I showed them to my friends and family like a tiny Vanna White!