Eighty Days, Part 1 by Will Silver

Eighty Days, Part 1

by Will Silver

Fogg and Maggie struggle against James Vapeur the Steam Count in a race from Earth to Pluto and back in Eighty Days.

Phineas Fogg and his Assistant Maggie Race Across the Solar System in just Eighty Days

At the turn of the last century, Phineas Fogg, the inventor, philanthropist, and millionaire, decided to turn from steam, the source of all power in the World, to a new one. He had discovered a mysterious force, found on a moon of Jupiter, that would change the world. A device to power his robotic Mechanicals, make his Difference Engines calculate, even run entire cities with unlimited potential. He kept this discovery a secret, telling only his engineering assistant Maggie Mayfield, and their friend and colleague Prof. MacGuffin. Now, just when they are ready to unveil their labor to the World in a race to the Moon, MacGuffin is found dead. Worst than that, their prototype of the new power source has been stolen. As if he didn't have enough gears to grind, Fogg and his great invention are maligned by James Vapeur, the Count of Steam. A wager is set. A journey from Earth to Pluto and back, not requiring the eighteen months that steam would. Fogg and Maggie must make the trip in a staggering Eighty Days! Eighty Days is an imaginative retelling of Jules Verne classic tale "Around the World in Eighty Days." Part Two will be released February, 2017.
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