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Hello all, I am your Kitty guide and I have been so busy lately. I have been chasing a fly that got into my Mommy's room. I have been trying to eat salad, Mommy does not understand but I don't want to eat it. I just love to lick it and play hockey with it. I have been finding new places in our place to hide. I love to go under her bed and behind the TV in the living room.

I love to hunt around the house, I hunt my toys but it is more fun to hunt the white paper things...napkins that fall off the counters and tables. Mommy always is picking them up from my hiding places. She is so smart; she always finds them. My Mommy works from home and I love to curl up under her feet as she works, she sometimes doesn’t know I am there and brushes her foot against me, I always let her know. She is always startled when I do it, it is so funny.

I also have taken over my Mommy’s make-up bench that is near her dressing table, she is amused by it, I think, because she just reaches over me to get her hairbrush, I purr and curl up tighter. I like watching people pass by our front door, but to be honest they kind of scare me. When they come too close or make too much noise I hide under my Mommy's legs.

What do you do that is a bit naughty but your loved ones find funny?