Incognito by L.A. Watson


by L.A. Watson

"I just want to feel safe again." Security expert Nico Wayfair is on the run. After uncovering a deadly secret about one of the largest companies in the world, there are a lot of people that would like to bury that information and him along with it. When he crosses paths with a handsome private investigator, Nico knows he could use the man’s help. But when Rhys lights a fire within him he didn’t know he had, is it simply business? Or something more? "One last job, and I can leave this town for good." Private investigator Rhys Wyatt is down on his luck. A sudden betrayal cost him his life savings and he has nowhere to turn. When a job comes along that could finally buy his freedom, Rhys doesn’t think twice. He swears to protect Nico until he can reveal his findings. There’s just one problem. The only man who can save Rhys from his past is the one he swore to protect. "We’re in this together." Rhys and Nico race to expose their revelations while coming to grips with their mutual attraction. If things go south, life as they know it will be over. But secrets can’t remain secrets forever…can they face their demons, both inside and out, before they destroy them both? Incognito is a standalone gay romance about forbidden love. It has plenty of action, no cliffhangers, and a HEA ending.

Lucas Watson is just this guy, you know?

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