Eighty Days, Part 2 by Will Silver

Eighty Days, Part 2

by Will Silver

Fogg & Maggie race against time to save humanity from certain doom!

The Enlightening Ending to the Race Around the Solar Systems

Phineas Fogg, his assitant Maggie Mayfiled have flown their ship, the Aurora, from Earth to the moon. Once there, the despicable James Vapuer, the Count of Steam, bet Fogg that he could not fly to Pluto and back faster than a steam-powered ship. Fogg took that bet. Now he, Maggie and their mysterious companion Amanda Key race the Aurora to the very outer reaches of the solar system. But it is here, beyond the orbit of the Jupiter, that the true evil dwells! Its a madcap race from Ganymede, to Saturn, all the way to Pluto and back. Can Fogg and Maggie figure out who threatens the planet Earth? Who will be kidnapped? Who will be shot? Who is 'Number Two?' Eighty Days, Part Two is a romp through space and probably time. The story is an imaginative re-telling of Jules Verne's classic "Around the World in Eighty Days."
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