The Radium Girl by Will Silver

The Radium Girl

by Will Silver

A broken safe, a murdered man, and a lost girl - each bathed in a deadly glow. Phineas Fogg and his assistant Maggie race across the city of London to discover if they can stop the Radium Girl in time!

When Maggie woke up this morning, she thought the biggest challenge facing her were making the modifications to the new Mechanicals. But when she found , a friend from the Frankenstein Problem, engaged in a secret investigation, things  took a turn for the strange. She found the search for the missing people a welcome distraction from her mechanized problems, but what if the people are not missing? What if they all went to Utopia?

Meanwhile, Phineas Fogg had a whole stack of gear teeth to clean. Major Bloodnoc calls him in on a broken safe where the criminal has left no trace. Then, Scotland Yard show Fogg a dandy's body that was discovered in the Thames. Fogg discovers that in each of these incidents are linked by a single element; the strange substance radium!

Fogg is then confronted by the American Billionaire K.C. Forester and his strange ward. An emotionless little girl, barely 16 by her looks, clad in a heavy leaded dress and veil. When the lights are turned out, all must heed her warnings, for she is alive with the glow of radium. She is Mae Keane, the Radium Girl!

The Radium Girl is the third in THE ADVENTURES OF PHINEAS FOGG AND MAGGIE, a story set in the 1900s of a steampunk London. If you enjoy mystery, intrigue, and suspense mixed with advanced machinery and a bit of steam, this book is for you!
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