Mech: Age of Steel by David Boop

Mech: Age of Steel

by David Boop

"Mech: Age of Steel is a major improvement on its predecessor, Kaiju Rising: Age of Monsters. Most of the stories in this collection stick to the theme and many of them are very good." - Amazon Review

MECH: Age of Steel is a collection of 24 mecha-inspired short stories in the spirit of Pacific Rim, Macross, Transformers, Robotech, Gundam, Evangelion, and more. The MECH: Age of Steel anthology features a vast array of tales showcasing giant human-piloted, robot war machines wreaking havoc in blasted cities, or on dystopian landscapes, or around space stations and asteroids against a cosmic backdrop, and more! My story, co-written with Kevin J. Anderson, is named "Travailiant"

mechs, giant robots, kaiju

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