A Whisper to a Scheme by David Boop

A Whisper to a Scheme

by David Boop

"David Boop has richly recreated the best of the dark pulp fiction mysteries as scientist turned detective Noel Glass attempts to prove his client killed and didn’t kill her husband. Vividly imagined with twists and turns, “A Whisper To A Scheme” transports to the reader to the gritty underworld of the noir detective story. It invests the reader in the story while also creating a visual film in the mind. Well worth the read, David Boop has created a new style of detective in the persona of Noel Glass." - Steven Sears

My name is Noel R Glass and I’m not your average gumshoe. What I am is a pariah from the theoretical physics game; a former wunderkind who watched his future dissolve like the victims of my failed experiment. Years later, I’m finally putting my intellect to work solving crimes with science, not instinct. Well, mostly. Instinct told me the angelic damsel in a black dress who walked into my office was bad news. What made it worse is she admitted to possibly killing her husband, Millionaire Mercantile Maverick Marlin Black. Now I have to find Mr. Black, or his corpse, before the cops do. Otherwise, they won’t look beyond the bedroom eyes of his gorgeous widow. But I know different. It’s not just a hunch, but the science of the bullet that took down Black doesn’t add up. I’m on the run to find a rifle that kills without making a sound. Even my genius brain might need help on this one. Who can I turn to? Certainly not the Widow Black or any of Marlin’s associates. They’ve all got motives. No. The type of assistance I need comes in the form of a Japanese gangster with a Chinese Name. But if Wan Lee helps me, what will he ask for in exchange? Damn those dames singing the “Save Me” blues. Why aren’t I smart enough to just walk away?

Science fiction, noir, pulp, mystery, forensics, private investigators, scientists, hit men, femme fatales, the Fifties, impossible weapons

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