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Salted Caramel Coffee with Fudge Drizzle on a whipped cream topping was an orgasm in a cup. Aubrey nodded to herself, no doubt about it. She locked her car with a flip of her hand over her shoulder, keying the security button and smiling as she heard Baby "CHIRP" in response. She expertly spun the keyring around her index finger and planted it in the knitted purse hanging under her shoulder like a gunfighter making a statement after a shootout. She loved her Miata, always parked it in the safest space, always searched for the sweet spots, as she called them. The perfect parking space with no cars on either side and no way for cars to park on either side. She had the factory security system upgraded to a perimeter alarm because she loved her "Baby."

But right now, she was concentrating on an orgasm. A Bumble Bean Coffee Cafe Salted Caramel with Fudge Drizzle orgasm. Her mouth watered with the thought. God, she mused, how can a woman get so addicted to coffee? Or orgasms, for that matter, she smirked. Okay, that was an easy one. She had never had a problem in that department. The problem was in the partners. Or, rather, finding one partner.

She quickened her pace toward the escalator that was to take her up to caffeine heaven. Why do her thoughts always fall back on that?