At the Fringes of Empires: Illustrations by Daniel Patrick Rabonza

At the Fringes of Empires: Illustrations

by Daniel Patrick Rabonza

The illustrated companion for the book, At the Fringes of Empires

The scientists of Deep Space Research Mapping Vessel Serˈvāyer were assigned two tasks: discover which planets in system Seven Eighty-Two could be settled with the least amount of terraforming, and find out which planets or gas giants could be harvested for minerals and fuel for use on the other worlds within the Protected System’s ever expanding civilization. But Serˈvāyer detected a massive anomaly skirting the edge of the system, traveling at ten percent of the speed of light. The Chief Scientist, Elsi Chidie convinced the captain to divert from their mission to investigate. As they matched velocity then FTL jumped towards it, they left behind comm buoy logs with all the telemetry they were able to observe till that point. Something must have happened out there at the edges of the system with the anomaly and Serˈvāyer—no further communications were received from the vessel after it jumped. This is the illustrated companion piece for the book, At the Fringes of Empires, where the event at system Seven Eighty-Two is told. Contained within is information and illustrations depicting some of the characters featured in that book.

military, science fiction

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3D artist and compositor turned writer/illustrator. Part of the team that made the animated feature film: RPG Metanoia. At the Fringes of Empires is his first book. There is also an illustrated companion book, called At the Fringes of Empires: Illustrations.

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