Behind These Eyes by Peter J. Wacks, Guy Anthony De Marco

Behind These Eyes

by Peter J. Wacks, Guy Anthony De Marco

"Deliciously creepy, with artwork that perfectly complements a tale that is the essence of true horror, Behind These Eyes is a great addition to any horror buff's library!" -- Michaelbrent Collings, bestselling author of Darkbound and The Haunted

Behind These Eyes is a story of a young man struggling against a fractured soul, forced to watch from behind his own eyes as his alter ego kills. It is the story of how he deals with the aftermath of these episodes and the story of his attempts to formulate a plan to escape from himself. Written by Peter J. Wacks and Guy Anthony De Marco. The contrasting art nouveau images by artist Chaz Kemp brings a unique perspective to the graphic novel published by Villainous Press, and J. Zoe Frasure provided the cover artwork.

Horror, Graphic Novel

Headshot 2

Peter J Wacks was purportedly born in California sometime during 1976. He has always been amazed and fascinated by both writing and the absurdity of the world in general. Throughout the course of his life, he has hitchhiked across the States and backpacked across Europe on the Eurail. Peter writes a lot, and will continue to do so till the day he dies. Possibly beyond. He is a bestselling cross-genre writer who has worked in various capacities across the creative fields in gaming, television, film, comics, and most recently, when not busy editing, he spends his time writing novels. He has been a panelist, guest speaker, and Guest of Honor at a combined total of over 250 conventions, Trade Shows, Organizations, and Colleges - including GAMA, Mensa Colorado, & UCLA. When he isn't working on the next book he can be found practicing martial arts, playing chess, drinking Scotch or IPA, or fighting with swords.

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