A Steampunk Journey; The Coloring Book by Peter J. Wacks, Illus: J. Zoe Frasure

A Steampunk Journey; The Coloring Book

by Peter J. Wacks, Illus: J. Zoe Frasure

Take a fantastic trip through the aesthetic world of Victorian Steampunk, flying along with Chauncey the airship, his crew, and passengers! Whether you are a child exploring the fantastical world of steampunk or just a child at heart who loves amazing artwork, this is the book for you!
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Peter J. Wacks, born Zarathustra Janney, then quickly reminted the next day to a sane name on his second birth certificate, never really recovered a sense of normalcy in his life. Peter (or Zarth, whatever, it’s cool) has travelled to 37 countries, hitchhiked across the United States (very funny, no, he didn’t hitchhike to Hawaii), and backpacked across Europe. He loves fast cars, running 5Ks, space travel, and armchair physics. In the past, Peter has been an actor and game designer, but he loves writing most and has done a ton of it, which can be found by looking him up online (even if it seems a little cyber-stalkery, don’t worry, go for it!) Since he doesn’t think anyone reads these things anyway, he will mention Strawberry Daiquiris, Laphroaig, great IPAs, and really clever puns are the best way to start conversations with him. A longer Bio can be found at: http://authorpage.com/blogs/77 Are you still there? The Bio is over. Go Read.

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