Post Traumatic Stress Commander by Peter J. Wacks, Aaron Michael Ritchey

Post Traumatic Stress Commander

by Peter J. Wacks, Aaron Michael Ritchey

Cobra Commander is laying low, and the international terror market seems to be taking a break from the daily grind of world domination. But all is not as it seems. Especially not for a particular Joe. Gung Ho, all around tough guy Joe, is starting to have problems. Trapped in a struggle with PTSD he is deteriorating, and must fight to regain control of his own mind. He must fight to overcome the shame of a condition he doesn’t think is valid or real. Stripped of his active status, he is enrolled in a specialty clinic to fight his nightmares of blood and rats—nightmares of being trapped in a New Delhi sewer with Cobra shock troops destroying everything around him. The world seems to be going to hell, and Gung Ho is right there for the ride down. But at least he has help. At least he has a doctor who understands what he is going through. That is… until a hooded figure, also suffering from PTSD, as well as paranoid delusions, is also checked into the facility. Weaponless and trapped in a facility with ultra-high tech security, Gung-Ho and Cobra Commander must face their mortal enemies—and the terrors of their own minds if they are to survive therapy and each other.

G.I. Joe, Action, Comedy

Headshot 2

Peter J. Wacks, born Zarathustra Janney, then quickly reminted the next day to a sane name on his second birth certificate, never really recovered a sense of normalcy in his life. Peter (or Zarth, whatever, it’s cool) has travelled to 37 countries, hitchhiked across the United States (very funny, no, he didn’t hitchhike to Hawaii), and backpacked across Europe. He loves fast cars, running 5Ks, space travel, and armchair physics. In the past, Peter has been an actor and game designer, but he loves writing most and has done a ton of it, which can be found by looking him up online (even if it seems a little cyber-stalkery, don’t worry, go for it!) Since he doesn’t think anyone reads these things anyway, he will mention Strawberry Daiquiris, Laphroaig, great IPAs, and really clever puns are the best way to start conversations with him. A longer Bio can be found at: Are you still there? The Bio is over. Go Read.

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