Ouroboros by Kevin Kauffmann


by Kevin Kauffmann

Escape is the best new drug, but what happens when reality can't compare?

Escape will give you everything you’ve ever wanted. To Congresswoman Lynn Stafford, Escape is the hot-button issue that could save her entire career. She’ll never admit that the spread of this powerful hallucinogen represents the loss of the War on Drugs… Not when it’s such a perfect opportunity to manipulate her constituents. Feeling trapped by a world that doesn’t care about you? Jeremy is the perfect target for Escape: a depressed teenager rotting in a world that seems to betray him at every turn. The drug allows him to imagine entire worlds of pure fantasy, even false relationships, but when the novelty wears thin he begins to realize just how hopeless his situation is, and how much he doesn’t belong. It will change your life forever. The man who created Escape and released it onto the streets of America is perhaps its greatest victim. Marc is trying his hardest not to justify just one last hit, but when it’s the hit that could reunite him with his beloved dead girlfriend, Marc begins to hope that everything they say about his drug is true. One dose is all it takes.

science fiction, political

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Kevin Kauffmann is one of those despicable millennials responsible for everything wrong with the world. After enduring bland, upscale suburbia for his formative years, Kauffmann went to UNC-Chapel Hill and eventually obtained a degree suited for a future in the FBI or CIA. Unfortunately, even a stint of living in Morocco and learning about traditional and non-traditional warfare was not enough to interest him in pursuing an entire life behind a desk, so he scrapped all his plans and started waiting tables. Firmly outside of the educational grind, Kauffmann rediscovered his love and knack for telling stories, and now he's knee-deep in the publishing world.

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