Ghosts of Earth by Kevin Kauffmann

Ghosts of Earth

by Kevin Kauffmann

Stranded on Earth, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse seek vengeance from the demons responsible.

When Niccolo and Cadmus inherited visions of Lucifer’s death, they never considered they would fail to stop it. However, their enemy had been prepared and no matter how hard they tried, Lucifer died and the portal to Earth was opened. Thinking of nothing but revenge against Azazel and Beleth, the demons responsible for Lucifer’s death, Niccolo and Cadmus pursued them onto Earth only to have the portal shift and close behind them. After rising from Hell, the Horsemen found themselves standing on the plains of Napoli, their enemies nowhere to be found. That was how the Horsemen of the Apocalypse became stranded on Earth. However, once some friends rise up from Hell to find them, Niccolo and Cadmus quickly discover there is something more important at stake. As long as Azazel and Beleth escaped justice, there would be no way to know what Adonai intended during the Apocalypse, no way to know what danger they would face. So, even as Niccolo is plagued with memories of Lucifer’s past and Cadmus is drowning in visions of the future, the Horsemen realize they have no other choice. They would avenge Lucifer or die trying.

Dark Fantasy

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Kevin Kauffmann is one of those despicable millennials responsible for everything wrong with the world. After enduring bland, upscale suburbia for his formative years, Kauffmann went to UNC-Chapel Hill and eventually obtained a degree suited for a future in the FBI or CIA. Unfortunately, even a stint of living in Morocco and learning about traditional and non-traditional warfare was not enough to interest him in pursuing an entire life behind a desk, so he scrapped all his plans and started waiting tables. Firmly outside of the educational grind, Kauffmann rediscovered his love and knack for telling stories, and now he's knee-deep in the publishing world.

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