In Defiance of Heaven by Kevin Kauffmann

In Defiance of Heaven

by Kevin Kauffmann

They wanted a Horseman, but Niccolo will give them a Devil.

It has been a year since Niccolo and his allies confronted Azazel and Beleth, and the world has changed drastically. After the revelation that both Lucifer and Adonai had been manipulating him for three centuries, Niccolo discarded whatever compassion he had left. Millions of people have been sacrificed to his Black Death, all for the purpose of creating an army that would fight against God, and his friends have watched as he has transformed himself into the next Devil, complete with Lucifer’s powers. However, as much as they want to bring him back from the edge, it is obvious that they need Niccolo’s brand of monster in order to stand a chance against Adonai. Even Cadmus has allowed far too much death, hoping that Niccolo would turn back from his destructive path, but in these final days, he has to consider that his best friend may have truly become evil. Allies new and old, terrible and heroic, will join them on their journey to the end of the world, but Cadmus knows that he is the only one who could hope to bring back the Niccolo they know and love. However, the forces of Hell do not have time to focus on what might have been or grieve for their fallen allies. Before they can even make it to the Gates of Heaven, they must travel through Purgatory, face terrors from their memories, and confront gods and monsters beyond their comprehension. It is doubtful they will all survive the journey, let alone the battle for humanity’s existence, but it is a sacrifice they are willing to make. After all, if they fail, there will be no tomorrow.

Dark Fantasy

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Kevin Kauffmann is one of those despicable millennials responsible for everything wrong with the world. After enduring bland, upscale suburbia for his formative years, Kauffmann went to UNC-Chapel Hill and eventually obtained a degree suited for a future in the FBI or CIA. Unfortunately, even a stint of living in Morocco and learning about traditional and non-traditional warfare was not enough to interest him in pursuing an entire life behind a desk, so he scrapped all his plans and started waiting tables. Firmly outside of the educational grind, Kauffmann rediscovered his love and knack for telling stories, and now he's knee-deep in the publishing world.

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