From Hell with Love by Kevin Kauffmann

From Hell with Love

by Kevin Kauffmann

This is a story about the Horsemen of the Apocalypse and how they rode to save the Devil.

What would you think if someone told you that Lucifer was the father of humanity, most demons and angels began their lives as humans, or that being a good person meant you could still end up in Hell? What if you fell from grace and found that Hell was not all fire and brimstone? After his death, Niccolo da Firenze found that he had been damned to Hell, but he quickly realized Lucifer's prison was not what the church had always claimed. His new home was a breath of fresh air, a place where he truly belonged, and it was only a few years before Niccolo rose through the ranks and became the Horseman of Pestilence. Surrounded by new family and friends, accepted even with all of his faults, Niccolo would often forget his part in the coming Apocalypse. That bliss came to an end once Cadmus, the Horseman of Death, inherits a vision of Lucifer's murder. And so, with his fellow Horseman by his side, Niccolo begins his frantic journey to uncover a conspiracy involving ancient demons, corrupted humans and even a few gods. For Niccolo, there is far more at stake than the destruction of Hell, far more at stake than losing his home or failing in the Apocalypse. If Cadmus' vision comes true, someone will murder the person who had become a father to Niccolo, who had raised him from the depths and given him hope in the darkness.

Dark Fantasy

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Kevin Kauffmann is 29 years old as of 2016, which makes him one of those despicable millennials responsible for everything wrong with the world. After enduring bland, upscale suburbia for his formative years, Kauffmann went to UNC-Chapel Hill and eventually obtained a degree suited for a future in the FBI or CIA. Unfortunately, even a stint of living in Morocco and learning about traditional and non-traditional warfare was not enough to interest him in pursuing an entire life behind a desk, so he scrapped all his plans and started waiting tables. Firmly outside of the educational grind, Kauffmann rediscovered his love and knack for telling stories, so now he's a writer who waits tables and tends bar. It's much more fulfilling.

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