Altered America: Steampunk Stories by Cat Rambo

Altered America: Steampunk Stories

by Cat Rambo

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoyed “The Wild, Wild West” and other steampunk stories. -Galaxy’s Edge Magazine

teampunk fans will rejoice in the appearance of Altered America: Steampunk Stories, collecting Nebula and World Fantasy Award-nominated author Cat Rambo’s steampunk fantasies, including “Clockwork Fairies,” “Snakes on a A Train,” and “Her Windowed Eyes, Her Chambered Heart,” into a single book. Rambo’s wry humor, precise and evocative descriptions, and ability to create a world with a few deft touches are showcased in these ten tales.

steampunk, alternate history, fantasy, dark fantasy, short story, collection


Cat Rambo has over 200 fiction publications, as well as nominations for the Nebula Award, the Compton Crook Award, the World Fantasy Award, and the Million Writers Award. She is the current President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

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