The Toll of Relativity by Andrew D. Morris

The Toll of Relativity

by Andrew D. Morris

The search for a new home will bring them somewhere all too familiar.

This hard science-fiction novella explores the challenges of finding a second home for humanity, and peeks at Earth's fate in the far future. Thanks to a secretly developed one-of-a-kind device, a single ship, appropriately named the Ark, is able to take to the stars at near the speed of light. Zig-zagging the Milky Way in search of a second Earth, they come across promising candidates, but are met with disappointment at every stop. Meanwhile, due to the laws of relativity, about a year passes on Earth for every light-year that the Ark travels. As their odometer rolls from thousands to millions of light-years without a 100% match, the prospect of circumnavigating back to Earth becomes more and more a reality.
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I have taught Science in middle school for the past 10 years, but have been writing stories since 4th grade. Currently, I am in the middle of writing a series of short stories that teach science vocabulary words for an educational company.

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