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April 16, 2890; 3rd Age.

I have entered the Land of Light, and thus have begun my Mission Journal as requested by my King. In the wide world, we call this nation Photavious, yet only when conversing with foreigners do the locals use its proper name.

I continue my journey to the city of Davious, at the southern edge of the Swenton Peaks. I am forced to travel by land rather than sea, due to Mansfeld’s patrol of the waters between and treaty forbidding their use by my nation’s military. It is unfortunate. I could already have arrived at the port city of Brae if I traveled by ship.

My most current maps of this nation are hundreds of years old, but change comes slow in this land, and they should suffice. I am now in the Equinus. It is a small region of such a large nation, but of vital importance. These people are masters of horses and train those used throughout Swentania. Even my steed can trace his lineage back to these lands. There are few cities here, and horse outnumbers man twenty to one.

However, many of the Equinusian frequently travel, delivering their well-trained animals to the far side of the country. They tell me my maps are as accurate as they know the lands to be, but also warn me the roads through the Lucious Plains are perilous of late. Solitary riders have gone randomly missing, though carriages and caravans encounter no beasts or barriers. The safer option is to make way south through the Hills of Halihad, they tell me. There are several cities the Equinusian say would welcome me as well as they have. It will add significant time to my journey, time I may not have to spare.

Foreigners in these parts are not a rarity, but still create excitement for the local populace. They tell me that in order to stay the night in Mafis, I must host a meeting to tell of my life and homeland. The Calmid residents will argue over who houses me as if I offered a reward.

Kasonian, a Lucian from the plains, changed my currency with his, for he is journeying to Drakazdale. He tells me I will not use all that I carry, in fact only likely a third will I need. I regretfully informed him that his pocket was light if he expected to make it comfortably through Mansfeld and to my Kingdom. I let him groom my horse and gather supplies for me so that he would accept my offering of funds, though he still felt well over-compensated.

I advised him not to expect the same hospitality his kind provides when he reaches western Mansfeld. The residents, historically friendly enough, have been mired by a recent war with my own Land. On the road he will travel, outsiders are met with suspicion and contempt. Prepare to pay double for any goods or services, and receive half for any provided.

Kasonian thanked me for the warnings. In return, I wished him a survivable journey to the Kingdom of Drakazdale