Edited by Sam Knight
Tired of the usual airships traveling over Victorian London, laden with boring aristocrats drinking Earl Grey tea? Steampunk: The Other Worlds breaks tradition by breaking orbit. Included in this anthology are thrilling tales of true steampunk adventure by top-tier authors and up-and-comers. Strap on your goggles, hold your breath, and dive into a whole other world. Featuring my story, "Intuitions of Future Truths."....[more]

David Boop
Gordon “Gory” Burrell earned his linebacker nickname because he never quit until the other team tasted blood. It’s the late Thirties and professional football is a violent sport with few rules. When the Giordano crime family asks Gory to take a dive, they discover neither money nor threats mean as much as his reputation. They can’t have that, so the mob makes an example of Gordon – shattering his legs beyond repair. Unable to find justice, Gordon turns to a mysterious doctor who promises to help him walk again. However, the operation goes awry and he becomes something not quite human, so....[more]

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David Boop
The original Black Bat returns in this thrilling collection of all NEW action-crime stories! Read the character that was created at the SAME TIME as Batman! Ex-District Attorney Tony Quinn is blinded in a courtroom assault! He now seeks justice outside of the law as the relentless hero who can see in the dark: The Black Bat! Guest-starring: The Green Lama, Domino Lady, and Golden Amazon! Stories by Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Adam L. Garcia, Colin B. Harvey, Sean Taylor, James Palmer, David Boop, David White, and Josh Vogt! I have two stories. One is a solo story called "The Blind Leading t....[more]

David Boop
’Tis the Season for 14 magical, macabre and merry tales to make your Holidays Fantastic. Gingerbread houses, caroling carolers, brightly trimmed trees, big family dinners, pristine snowfalls-the familiar pleasures of the season. But what better pleasure is there than a good holiday story? So open this winter solstice sampler and indulge in fully festive fantasies, nightmares before Christmas, and stunning space-age celebrations. These stories will warm hearts and minds like a blazing Yule log. Fantastic Holiday Stories by Kevin J. Anderson, Mercedes Lackey, Mike Resnick, Kristine Rusc....[more]