David Boop

Not a Drop to Drink

David Boop

Read time 7 minutes

Westward expansion was fraught with peril, from the get-go; be it weather, outlaws or the natives. But what no one expected were the vampires, demons, ghosts and aliens! Visit the town of Drowned Horse! It’s one helluva place! Cursed from the beginning of time, the citizens of this Arizona territory town have seen it all: Gambling Gods, Virtual Gunfights and Vengeful Spirits.But despite it all, they are pioneers, doing their best to carve a life out of this desert oasis…before it carves back! The latest chapters in the Drowned Horse Chronicle have arrived, and with them comes new characters, old favorites and a few surprises. What drew Sheriff Patrick, fastest gun in the galaxy, to town? Will conniving gambler Sabastian Maher ever find redemption? And how did the Rag Doll Kid earn his name? Meet newcomers Carina and Brumby, a southern Belle and her spirit-infused steed. And Uji the Griot, an African bard a long way from home with a big secret. Anything is possible in Drowned Horse. Stick around a while and see! Over a dozen Drowned Horse Chronicles published to date. Find out more at www.facebook.com/drownedhorse

Mr steak cover

The Return of a True Hero

David Boop

Read time 3 minutes

John Holmes (the author, not the porn actor) invited me to a fun group called Steakpunk. I wanted to be the first to write steakpunk fiction, so I wrote a quick flash fiction piece using a steak place I used to love when I first moved to Colorado Springs 30 years ago. It's a didactic tale of why no one should ever eat at a Country Buffet (if you like steak, that is.) (and I do.) (like steak, that is.)