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Checking out Author Page dot com!

So this is a new service for authors, for world creators, and those Independent authors, self-published writers. I am hoping this is the service that will help all those writers that are doing it on their own. I've made the choice to be a self-published author because, frankly, I get to keep more of the money. Let's be honest here, we are all doing this because we love to creative and be creative, however love for your craft doesn't pay the bills. We also have to look at the money/business side of this craft. We all want to make enough to be able to do this full time. To quit our day jobs and devote ourselves fully to our craft. There are all manner of gurus, and experts, and programs all geared to help you make money as a writer, but for just $399.95 a year, or $199 month they will share their secrets. Well here's a free tip. You have to work at it, you have to be consistent, and you have to be willing to learn about your craft all the time. You'll never really master your craft, you will and should be always learning your craft. So I will be interested in how the service develops, and since it's still just in beta it will be a fun journey to watch as it grows and develops into a powerful tool for authors, and writers.

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