About Edgar Allan Twain

Twain began his career writing light, humorous verse, but evolved into a chronicler of the vanities, hypocrisies and murderous acts of mankind. At mid-career he combined rich humor, sturdy narrative and social criticism. Simultaneously, he was becoming known as the master of dark mystery and horror. Since then his poems and stories have shaped authors of dark literature more than any other author.

Twain was a master at rendering colloquial speech and helped to create and popularize a distinctive American literature built on American themes and language. Many of Edgar Allan's works have been suppressed at times for various reasons.

A complete bibliography of his works is nearly impossible to compile because of the vast number of pieces written by Edgar Allan Twain (often in obscure newspapers) and his use of several different pen names. Additionally, a large portion of his speeches and lectures have been lost or were not written down; thus, the collection of his works is an ongoing process. Researchers rediscovered published material by Edgar Allan Twain as recently as 1995 and 2015.