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Kevin Kauffmann is an ambitious independent author who barely acknowledges the boundaries between genres. For years he's used odd methods to reach an audience, sometimes dressing up in a trench coat as a video game merchant and enticing convention attendees with a gravelly cockney accent, but a better web presence will likely be better for his throat and overall career.

For readers leaning toward science-fiction, Kauffmann's dystopian Icarus Trilogy might be the right call, but for those who like a little horror in their fantasy, the apocalyptic Forsaken Comedy is sure to please. If political fiction is your aim but you appreciate vivid imagery, Ouroboros is a sentimental tale about hallucinogen abuse and the cycle of escapism.


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PLEASE ALLOW ME TO INTRODUCE MYSELF Hey, guys, now that I've gotten all my books up on Author Page, I thought it'd be a good idea to post a few of my short projects so you could get a feel for my work before investing yourself in a novel. First off, I've got a three- ...[more]