About Kevin Kauffmann

Kevin Kauffmann (1987-) was born in St. Louis, MO and was almost immediately shuffled off to live in Australia as an infant. Thus began a series of moves that made sure Kauffmann's childhood was never in one place for very long, finally settling down in North Carolina just in time to be an awkward teenager. Influenced more by books, television, movies and video games than his immediate surroundings, Kauffmann was destined to be a contributor to the world of fiction. After spending four years at UNC-Chapel Hill and acquiring a degree in Peace, War and Defense with a Minor in Arabic Studies, Kauffmann became even more jaded than he had been at the start of his college career. This feeling had a little to do with graduating after the market crash of 2008, a bit to do with academic exhaustion, and one part originated after living in Morocco for a summer, but Kauffmann threw away his plans for government work and a destiny behind a desk in order to do... something else.