About Kevin Kauffmann

Kevin Kauffmann (1987-) was born in St. Louis, MO and was almost immediately shuffled off to live in Australia as an infant. Thus began a series of moves that made sure Kauffmann's childhood was never in one place for very long, finally settling down in North Carolina just in time to be an awkward teenager. Influenced more by books, television, movies and video games than his immediate surroundings, Kauffmann was destined to be a contributor to the world of fiction. Kauffmann and the real world still don't tend to get along. After spending four years at UNC-Chapel Hill and acquiring a degree in Peace, War and Defense with a Minor in Arabic Studies, Kauffmann became even more jaded than he had been at the start of his college career. This feeling had a little to do with graduating after the market crash of 2008, a bit to do with academic exhaustion, and a part originated after living in Morocco for a summer, but Kauffmann threw away his plans for government work and a destiny behind a desk in order to do... something else. After attempting to write a novel for National Novel Writing Month in 2010, Kauffmann knew what that something else was going to be, even if that particular novel will never be published for obvious reasons. Since 2012, Kauffmann has attempted to break into the independent author market in multiple genres, having initial success while the market was more welcoming to newcomers. In January of 2013, Kauffmann even had all three books in his Icarus Trilogy in Amazon's Top 100 for free books at the same time. While he has yet to attain the same reach with his Forsaken Comedy trilogy or his standalone book, Ouroboros, fan response has been overwhelmingly positive. The reddit community in particular tends to enjoy his promotions, which tended to go hand-in-hand with going to science-fiction and fantasy conventions where Kauffmann dressed up as the Merchant from Resident Evil 4. If this seems familiar, it's possible you've already met Kauffmann in a bottleneck hallways or out-of-the way corner after he greeted you with a "Hello, Stranger." In 2016, Kauffmann is currently working on two very different titles. The Misadventures of Rumpelstiltskin III is an episodic, non-linear series based around a crazed, immortal imp whose innocence gets him in and out of many kinds of adventures. On the other end of the spectrum, Abnormality is a fresh take on the superhero genre, where a cosmic event causes almost every person on the planet to develop superpowers and society struggles to adapt.