Dandy boys
Peter J. Wacks, J. R. Boyett
The Vengeance universe, originally published in the Penny Dread Tales, begins here with a young Friedrich Von Helsing, who will eventually grow to fight the supernatural alongside the mysterious Brotherhood. In the stylings of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein and Jonathan Polidori’s The Vampyre, this Victorian adventure follows Friedrich and his band of four friends, as these five young scholars debunk the supernatural in 1839. What starts as an innocuous set of adventures studying conmen, mages, Romani curses, and mad scientists leads them down a dark path to true occult.....[more]

Heroes reborn 6
Peter J. Wacks, Kevin J. Anderson
A group of Evolved Humans use their abilities to plan an escape from a detention center for people with very unusual powers. The sixth in the Heroes Reborn event series of six short thrillers based on the fascinating characters and rich mythology of NBC's world-wide hit TV series "Heroes", and the highly anticipated "Heroes Reborn". The new season picks up five years after the finale of the original series and finds those with special powers in a precarious and dangerous world where they are feared, persecuted and attacked. ....[more]

Peter J. Wacks, Guy Anthony De Marco
Behind These Eyes is a story of a young man struggling against a fractured soul, forced to watch from behind his own eyes as his alter ego kills. It is the story of how he deals with the aftermath of these episodes and the story of his attempts to formulate a plan to escape from himself. Written by Peter J. Wacks and Guy Anthony De Marco. The contrasting art nouveau images by artist Chaz Kemp brings a unique perspective to the graphic novel published by Villainous Press, and J. Zoe Frasure provided the cover artwork.....[more]

Steampunk journey
Peter J. Wacks, Illus: J. Zoe Frasure
Take a fantastic trip through the aesthetic world of Victorian Steampunk, flying along with Chauncey the airship, his crew, and passengers! Whether you are a child exploring the fantastical world of steampunk or just a child at heart who loves amazing artwork, this is the book for you!....[more]

Veronica mars fast times at neptune high
Peter J. Wacks, David Boop
She’s so NOT popular. No, not Veronica Mars; Daphne Clamp. Wallflowers attract more sunlight than her. Daphne does the same thing everyone does at Neptune High when they have a problem. She hires Veronica Mars. Veronica must turn her into someone worth inviting to senior prom without letting Daphne's mother, the overprotective Mrs. Clamp, know that anything is happening. Before Veronica can say “My Fair Daphne,” she’s up to her neck in trouble. The transformation attracts the eye of track star Jet Brisco, and the ire of his girlfriend Hailey. While saving Daphne from social suicide, Ve....[more]

Peter J. Wacks, Aaron Michael Ritchey
Cobra Commander is laying low, and the international terror market seems to be taking a break from the daily grind of world domination. But all is not as it seems. Especially not for a particular Joe. Gung Ho, all around tough guy Joe, is starting to have problems. Trapped in a struggle with PTSD he is deteriorating, and must fight to regain control of his own mind. He must fight to overcome the shame of a condition he doesn’t think is valid or real. Stripped of his active status, he is enrolled in a specialty clinic to fight his nightmares of blood and rats—nightmares of being trapped in ....[more]