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Launch Time

Hi everyone! Over the last few years I’ve been tackling understanding the publishing industry, not as a writer, not as an editor, publisher, agent, or any other specialist, but as a scientist. I studied and theorized. My theory was; publishing is like a living organism and if I got into the DNA of it I could understand it at a level it didn’t even understand itself. The question I wanted to answer was this: How can an author control their own fate before being an international bestseller? I felt to get there, to find that answer, I had to understand every other facet of publishing as well. It was exhausting, but the things I learned were amazing. Last year I met Andrew Mayne and we hit it off immediately. Later in the year, we excused ourselves from a delightful party at the animation guild (where we were taking joke pictures of feeding each other and being goofballs) to go sit outside and talk about publishing. After entire minutes and minutes of talking, I realized Andrew had a HUGE question he was grappling with: How can an author control their own fate before being an international bestseller? My answer was to attempt to educate authors about what the genetic code of publishing looked like. His answer was to build something authors could use which utilized that genetic code, but was simple so that authors could spend their time writing. His answer was, I felt, perhaps a little more practical. After months of keeping Andrew chained to his desk, feeding him Soylent through his cage bars, and allowing him once a day trips to Wendy’s paired with a 3 am phone call… AuthorPage is built. If you still want the education, head over to the ‘guide to publishing’ section and keep an eye out for what will be appearing there soon enough. Initially, both of us have profile pages up, but AuthorPage isn't just for Andrew and I. It's for every author out there, and once we work out the bugs, we're going to throw the doors open to any author that wants to have an easy-to-use website that lets you: • Create your own page in minutes • Gives you your own url • Has your full bio and headshot • Create a bookstore with links to Amazon, BN, Kobo and anywhere else you want • Provides your readers with super easy reading samples • Allows the author AND reader to share short stories, novelettes, & novellas while redirecting back to your AuthorPage and bringing new readers to it • Build your email list of fans • Email them updates directly from AuthorPage • Test different book descriptions to see which one works best and gets the most clicks • And tons and tons of other stuff we spent hours brainstorming... And the coolest part: Our plan is to support the site using the affiliate fees from whenever someone clicks to buy a book, and make 100% free to use for the authors and readers. All of the features I mentioned, Andrew has working(ish), despite my best efforts to break them, but there's a lot of bugs to eradicate and tons of work to do making it user-friendly and cleaning up the code. AuthorPage meant help authors in every practical way we can imagine—and to help every author out there from beginner to bestseller. Our plan is to roll AuthorPage out in phases: • Phase 1: Have people visit Peter and my AuthorPage and tell us what's broken and could be improved. • Phase 2: Let a handful of (handpicked) authors create accounts and help us beta-test the backend. • Phase 3: Do a rollout to a larger group of beta-users. • Phase 4: Mwahahahahahahahahaha…. Complete and total world domi... Erm... excuse me, sorry about that... In the meantime, you can go to and sign up for the beta. If something doesn't work, shoot us an email. Andrew will be in front of his computer and I’ll be deep into creating what Andrew has styled “The most awesome guide to publishing ever written that's going to be an integral part of AuthorPage.” Now go forth and click buttons and break our toy (to help us make it better of course!)