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Kevin J. Anderson & Steven L. Sears
Joe Human―is taken to a harsh P.O.W. camp on a distant planet where he will be examined, tortured, and forced to endure experiments that rip into his very mind, as the alien Krael seek to answer the question: What is human? A question that, in their hellish situation, the prisoners are finding harder to answer.....[more]

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Steven L. Sears (contributing author)
"Woe and Wonder" offers a collection of tales in a variety of themes and tones. This years' stories, compiled from the monthly issues of the Story of the Month Club, will thrill readers who long for twists and surprises at every turn. Travel through time; meet a superhero with questionable judgement; and experience the human race's enslavement. Psychics, zombies, and mermaids await. Dive in and enjoy!....[more]

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Steven L. Sears
Steven L. Sears has had a successful career in film and television encompassing over three decades. From his beginnings as a staff writer on NBC’s The A-Team, to Co-Executive Producer on the hit TV series Xena:Warrior Princess for MCA/Universal, creator and Executive Producer of Sheena: Queen of the Jungle for Sony/TriStar Television, and many pilot and development deals with major studios and production companies, he has amassed a huge amount of experience and knowledge about the inner workings of the entertainment industry. In The Non-User-Friendly Guide for Aspiring TV Writers, Sears share....[more]