The 616 Diaries: Entry 2 by Kevin Kauffmann
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August 28th, 2019, 11:17 PM

Okay, I was definitely trying to keep these posts to one a week. I mean, there’s no real reason to post if I don’t have too many sightings, and a week is a totally understandable update schedule. A lot of the blogs and webcomics I read do the same or, if they have real lives, maybe update even less. Obviously the more successful update more often, but I didn’t think I was ever going to be that level.

Thing is, I can’t really do one update a week because I see 616 everywhere now. I had ten sightings last night, alone, and I saw five 616s or its cousins in the last three goddamn hours.

Oh, I should explain the cousin thing. Since there’s so much surrounding 616, I decided I would start paying attention to when similar numbers showed up. One of those is definitely 666. Even though it’s not the real number in this blog, it still has that demonic influence that gets my goosebumps and adrenaline going. I also decided that the inverse of each number, 919 and 999, should be watched as well, though 999 is almost nothing compared to the other three. If I would assign them importance, I’d put 616 around 80%, 666 at 10%, 919 at 8% and 999 at 2%. I wouldn’t really count it unless there were some crazy circumstances surrounding it.

God, look at me talking about crazy circumstances. That whole last paragraph reeks of crazy.

Alright, well, there’s nothing I can do about that, since it’s a pretty crazy subject in the first place. I mean, who willingly tries to chase numbers associated with the Devil? And not just one, but four numbers. At the very least, I admit it, right?


Okay, point taken. You guys aren’t the only ones shaking your heads, by the way. Even though it was her idea for me to start writing something, Renee has become a little less excited. Pretty much in direct proportion to how excited I’m getting. She still smiles, still scoffs at me, but it’s not exactly like she can argue that I’m not seeing them. When I pointed out the serial number on her new tablet, she gave me one of those looks like I had made an awful pun and was waiting for a high five.

…which totally doesn’t happen often. I swear.

But yeah, it’s not like the numbers aren’t there. There was a 616 on that serial number, there was another one on the bar code of one of the beers I was a drinking(craft brew, since I’m fancy). The next two were cousins, I saw a phone number on a scrap of paper that had a 919 on it, but I sorta half-count it as a 616 since I first saw it when it was upside down. The other one was a 666 that had managed to line up between a post on Facebook and an ad on the sidebar. The last one was a true 616… well, if you count it when there are slashes or periods in between the numbers, as long as the numbers are in order.

At this point, it should be obvious that I do.

It came up in one of the games I was playing, just an FPS, and I had six bullets left in the clip and 16 in reserve. I pointed it out to Renee like an excited kid on his birthday, but she just rolled her eyes at me. Told me that she’s not footing the bill for when I have to go to the insane asylum. I told her that I’m not insane, I’m eccentric, but that didn’t really work out too well. She just patted my head and left the room.

Maybe one day I’ll get her to take me seriously, but I sorta like it when she doesn’t.

Oh well, I’m sure I’ll have tons of sightings for you for the next post, the way this is going. I know a couple of those were a stretch, but now that I’m keeping track of them all instead of just getting distracted, I should have some pretty interesting ones soon.




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