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Why Do I Hope?

When I live in a world that is so messed up. In justice, poverty, greed on every street corner. In every heart. A world where human worth is measured in bank balances and Facebook friends. Where the proud are exalted and the weak go unnoticed. Is it supposed to feel so pointless? Are we supposed to just go with the flow? Accepting the world for what it is? Then why are we left empty and wanting? Constantly searching for the things to fill our empty hearts. Running to temporary solutions only to find they cannot satisfy. How can we believe there is hope? Let me tell you about my hope. You won't find this hope in the headlines or on the TV screens. This hope wasn't created by me. I didn't discover it or unearth it. No, this hope found me. It found me in my hopelessness, my misery, my pain. It tells me that in the midst of struggle and trial there is peace. It tells me that where there is sickness and death there is life. And where there is guilt and condemnation, there is forgiveness. This hope saved me, transformed me, and died for me. This hope will never be silent. Feel the energy of it. And raise your voice.

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