Molly's World by Will Silver

Molly's World

by Will Silver

Molly and her Mom fly though space searching for the most valuable thing in the Universe.

Molly, along with her mother Wendy, make up a team. They search the rim of known space, looking for the most precious resource in existence. Molly and her mom seek liquid water. They do this in a spaceship held together by spit, wire and a few hundred spot welds. But Molly doesn't care what her boat, The Luck of the Irish, looks like. She knows every piece in that huge puzzle constructed of a half a dozen ships. Molly has taken responsibility to work as engineer to help keep the boat in space. Good thing she is a genius at it. She fixes the boat, her mom steers the boat, they look for water. But, as they are actually searching for a planet. Molly's grandfather, the old Captain, claimed to have found it. A planet covered with an unlimited supply of water. Not something you had to boil out of some rock or squeeze from the sand. No, a planet covered in an actual ocean, as far as the eye could see. But, when the Captain found this impossible place, his ship was already wrecked. He managed to return to local space. But, due to all the damage, he was never able to find the mysterious planet again. Now it’s up to Wendy and Molly. All they have to guide them are their instincts, a broken old clock, and the ship he left behind. Together, they will try to prove this planet exists. But what if Molly cannot keep up? What if the search hurts her young body? Will Wendy have to give up their dream to save her daughter’s future?
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Will Silver is just this guy, you know?

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