Becoming God by Paul Iiams

Becoming God

by Paul Iiams

"If I was given the choice between being God and being able to see my wife again, there would be no hesitation. Even if it were just for a moment, I would be with her." What would you do if you were given the power of God? What if it meant losing the love of your life in the process? A college student meets the woman of his dreams. They soon marry and start their lives together. Little do they know that their time together will be cut short. The same man wakes up in a hospital. Everything and everyone around him seems familiar, but slightly off. As he's leaving the hospital, he sees something on a timid nurse who had been lingering in his room that will throw his life into chaos. This revelation starts him on a path that first has him wanting to take the place of a God who he believes has failed. He, and the people helping him on his path, soon find themselves over their heads, caught up in a political campaign full of promises that -if they were all fulfilled- could very well kill him.
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