The Heist (Black Sky Rangers #1) by Michael Lauck

The Heist (Black Sky Rangers #1)

by Michael Lauck

On the edges on civilized space Captain Matthew Johnson and the crew of the Alliance Patrol Cruise Wyatt Earp respond to a space station in distress only to find themselves split between battling a deadly pathogen on a damaged space station and chasing pirates through uncharted space!

The crew of the Alliance Patrol Cruiser Wyatt Earp are the first responders on the edge of civilized space.

Welcoming new crew aboard the APC Wyatt Earp is interrupted by a distress signal leading the crew of the Earp to be divided between a battle in a dangerous asteroid field and a rescue mission on a damaged space station.

space opera, space western, science fiction, sci fi, sci-fi

Me with mohawk

How to make a Michael Lauck: Combine equal parts Irish and Native American, add German to double the total mixture. Spice with pulp magazines, comic books, b-movies and punk rock. Tenderize with traditional Chinese martial arts. Age in the American Midwest, bake under the warm glow of television. Garnish with wife and children, dogs as desired.

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