At the Fringes of Empires by Daniel Patrick Rabonza

At the Fringes of Empires

by Daniel Patrick Rabonza

Keller glanced at the time. It had been three days and eleven hours since they detected the Anomaly. In a few minutes, the DSRMV Serˈvāyer was going to match velocity with it, and then jump towards it. They were going to close the millions of kilometer gap that existed between them, to a few hundred thousand kilometers at their projected exit point. Many things could go wrong during FTL jumps. But time, experience, and countless lives lost during the development of Interstellar travel had narrowed down the optimal variables needed to successfully conduct faster than light jumps to a few and easily understood parameters. Jumping at 10 percent of light speed was not one of them. The thing that had kept him up at night for the past three days was the prospect of them emerging from the other side of the jump as one whole ship, or as a cloud of rapidly expanding pieces formerly known as the Deep Space Research and Mapping Vessel Serˈvāyer. He was dearly hoping for the former. Chief Engineer Vos had said it was possible. The jump, while risky, could be done safely—if they had time to make it so. So they spent three days and eleven hours accelerating Serˈvāyer and preparing for the jump. If the jump were successful, they would be close enough to the Anomaly to bring to bear all of the scientific instruments they had and find out what it was that had captivated their imaginations and derailed their original purpose for visiting this part of space.

military, science fiction

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3D artist and compositor turned writer/illustrator. Part of the team that made the animated feature film: RPG Metanoia. At the Fringes of Empires is his first book. There is also an illustrated companion book, called At the Fringes of Empires: Illustrations.

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