Chunky Monkey Pupu by Sam Knight

Chunky Monkey Pupu

by Sam Knight

Chunky Monkey Pupu thinks he is just like you, but is he really?

Hi! I'm Sam Knight. This book came about from dinner table discussions with my own kids and is largely based on their fascination with saying "Pupu". I aimed this title at the younger, still learning to read kids. It has a sense of humor aimed at the 3 to 7 year old age range (you know- "Pupu" humor), while being written at a level that kids can quickly learn to read it on their own. It is by far my kids' favorite of the books I've written (they don't go much for the suspense novels...) and I have to admit, even though I wrote it, I enjoy reading it to kids every chance I get. I can't post any of the images here, as this is an illustrated book, so I will describe it as best I can. Each right hand side page has a simple illustration similar to that on the cover, while the left hand page has the text in big bold purple letters, creating an easy to understand and follow layout for the young reader. There are actually two 'stories' included, each being a simple, short read that is easily followed and understood and ends with a 'punchline' aimed for the young age range. I hope you will give it a try, and I hope it brings you and your children many future smiles.
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As well as being Distribution Manager for WordFire Press,Sam Knight is Senior Editor for Villainous Press and the author of four children’s books, three short story collections, two novels, and more than two dozen short stories, including two media tie-ins co-authored with Kevin J. Anderson.

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