Murder of Crows by Kevin Kauffmann

Murder of Crows

by Kevin Kauffmann

What would you consider freedom? For some, it's choosing their way to die.

Murder of Crows is based in a not-so-far-flung universe where humanity did not reach the stars but instead found itself mired in corporate takeovers. Since interstellar travel was never developed, asteroids were towed into orbit around Earth and terraformed into smaller planets to deal with excess population. While most of the asteroids were designed for colonization, Eris was destined for constant commercial warfare. Most people just call it "War World" after their favorite show. In this new age of gladiatorial combat, the athletes are divided into teams and each person is cloned prior to the games. When they die, their consciousness and memories are transferred into new clones and the process begins all over again.What the rest of humanity doesn't realize is that each death and resurrection is incredibly painful and disorienting, let alone the monetary cost that is forced upon them. Rarely do any of them make it off the asteroid.

science fiction

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Kevin Kauffmann is one of those despicable millennials responsible for everything wrong with the world. After enduring bland, upscale suburbia for his formative years, Kauffmann went to UNC-Chapel Hill and eventually obtained a degree suited for a future in the FBI or CIA. Unfortunately, even a stint of living in Morocco and learning about traditional and non-traditional warfare was not enough to interest him in pursuing an entire life behind a desk, so he scrapped all his plans and started waiting tables. Firmly outside of the educational grind, Kauffmann rediscovered his love and knack for telling stories, and now he's knee-deep in the publishing world.

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