What Our Eyes Have Witnessed by Stant Litore

What Our Eyes Have Witnessed

by Stant Litore

Nothing is broken that cannot be remade, nothing is ill that cannot be healed, nothing captive that cannot be freed.

Regina endures a death-in-life as a sex slave in the Subura, the ancient world's most terrible ghetto -- until a strange man sees her suffering and gives her a coat, a new name, and a new life. The man is Polycarp, and he has the Gift of gazing into the eyes of the hungry dead and granting them rest -- a Gift that comes at a terrible cost. And ancient Rome may burn him for it. It is AD 98. Polycarp and Regina -- their faith and their love -- will be tested as they have never imagined. And their story will shake you to the heart. ------------------------- "If I could write a one-word review, it would be Wow. I still can't get over the beautiful horror of Litore's writing. Regina was a breathtaking character who stole the show for me. Even as I write this review, my eyes mist over. Highly recommended." - Jennifer Bielman, Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy "Gruesome and human and lyrical and horrible, The Zombie Bible is like nothing you have ever read. Once you're in, you'll stay." - S.G. Redling, author of Flowertown and Damocles

Stant Litore chronicles zombie apocalypses from 3,000 years ago and build colosseums for tyrannosaurs. He has been recognized by SF Signal, NPR, and Amazon's Author Success Stories, and has been hailed as "SF's premier poet of loneliness." He lives in Colorado with his wife and two daughters, where he is working on his next novel.

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