Domesticated velociraptors
What would the world be like if you could hire Velociraptor rides for your daughter’s birthday, race them through jungles, or buy them at the local pet store? Fourteen authors from around the world delve into the prospect of domesticated Velociraptors in these stories full of adventure, wonder, and possibilities. Come explore realities where Velociraptors protect the land, take over kingdoms, and get tamed by grandmothers in the second anthology from the Midnight Writers.....[more]

Pota tales from the forbidden zone
New original stories set in the world of the original Planet of the Apes films and TV series.....[more]

Freakend madness
Over one frenzied weekend, a group of up-and-coming dark fiction writers decided to write a short story or two. Together, they produced the tales of terror collected in this anthology in support of Asbury House, a women's shelter in Fort Collins, Colorado. For some of the authors, this is their first-ever publication. We appreciate your support of new writers, authors who have been publishing for years, and especially your support of Asbury House.....[more]

Sam Knight
A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Once a model student in Wayward Pine's school, Bobby McIntosh no longer fits in. After meeting Alyssa, he can't pretend he wasn't lied to by Pilcher, Mrs. Fisher, and Sheriff Pope about his father. Now he's counting the days until Wayward Pines calls a fête and hunts him down. Unless he can find a way out.......[more]

Sins of the final father
Sam Knight
Robert 'Mac' McIntosh has had a difficult time adapting to Wayward Pines. In fact, the only thing keeping him from leaving, one way or another, is his son, Bobby. It's bad enough being forced to put up with the secretive things being taught to Bobby at school, but when Bobby says Mac isn't really his father? That is a type of brain-washing he won't stand for, and Megan Fisher, the school teacher, has some explaining to do. Unless Sheriff Pope has something to say about it.......[more]

Kevin J. Anderson and Sam Knight
Everything is not perfect in the town of Wayward Pines. Theresa Burke is concerned about how her 11-year-old son Ben is being brainwashed in the repressive schools, but the crisis grows far worse when Ben is struck down by a virulent form of meningitis. As he lies in a deep coma, feverish, delirious, his mind is open to an entirely different sort of enemy. For outside the electrified fences of the last town on Earth are monstrous inhuman aberrations, and Ben's sickness makes him vulnerable to a dangerous and terrifying link with an outcast among the aberrations. The two share a mind and body, ....[more]

A small town santa
Sam Knight
Four Magical Christmas Stories by Sam Knight. Can a Small Town Santa Save Christmas? Is Santa's Day Off ruined when he finds an extra present? What goes through Santa's mind during The Long Sleigh Ride Home? In the Lane, the Snow is Glistening, but that doesn't make it a pleasant walk for three siblings.......[more]

Time travel trio
Sam Knight
Three Time Travel Short Stories by Sam Knight Visit Luna Base, where the Ghosts of Time roam through the corridors, searching for something they've lost... When the inventor of time travel sends himself a note back through time, he knows he will be Just in Time for a Celebration. Or will he? Steampunk era adventure follows an unlikely trio as they use their time machine to try to stay On the Heels of Spring Heeled Jack. Or is he following them?....[more]