The 616 Diaries: Entry 36 by Kevin Kauffmann
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Unverified Source

Ravenseer documents end on 11/27/2019; last entry of verified source. Further research indicates that an additional post was made on the original 616 Diaries blog and uploaded 12/26/2019, one day before the host removed the site on 12/27/2019. After digging through code, it appears that the post was made through a series of proxy servers, which made for difficulties in tracking down the source. While the IP was traced to South Dakota, the author of the post is unknown.

What follows is unverified:

December 26th, 2019

I know what it is; what it means. 616 is the end. Räum knew, I know… but if I can’t stop it…

June 16th, 2028

No one is safe.



Well, thanks for checking out the 616 Diaries! It's mostly for the fans and serves to connect my series, but I hope it was good enough on its own. Wait a few years and a few more books, and you'll see why Ray Corvus was so important, and what that last entry really means...

Thanks again!