Cinema for one by Sergio M. Samson
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I live alone, and I don't go out much. So last week, I think it was on Tuesday, during lunch - I was having a mixed salad, alone, without dressing - I decided that I should go see a motion picture in the local theatre. I looked it up in the phonebook, and called them to ask if they had any shows, or "movies" suitable for a single man. Nothing romantic and no comedies, because being alone is no laughing matter. They told me that Friday evening would be the best for me to visit, to watch some sad action thriller, called "Minions". As Friday came nearer, I realised I had to prepare. Practice sitting down for two whole hours without having to go to the toilet. By Thursday I was successful and still had some clean underwear left. On Friday I panicked. I had only counted on money for the ticket, but wanted to snack appropriately. I needed popcorn. Looking through my recipes, I found one. The entire Friday afternoon it took me to make a batch of tasty, unburnt popcorn. I dressed up to be decent, but comfortable. I took the bus to the theatre, but when I finally arrived, I found the doors closed. It was Friday night now, the last bus just went past as I stood before a closed theatre. And I forgot to bring the popcorn.