General Testiclese by Landon Crutcher
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Strength and Honor General,

The great Vaginus smiles upon us. The invasion has begun and everything progresses according to plan.

We have deployed as you commanded. The initial landing was met with resistance but after some exploratory probing we were able to penetrate their defenses. Once past the outer perimeter we stormed the beach at Cervexia with little opposition. As expected, we lost some of the men when the flagship withdrew from the coast, but as you predicted, the losses were minimal.

After establishing the beachhead we were able to rally north during the dark hours of the night. I have set up a forward operating base in the Fallopian Pass. I have organized defensive positions and instructed them to hold the line at all costs. Though the Pass is narrow, we can ill afford to be squeezed back out now.

I have ordered scouting parties at first light. With any luck we shall push into the Ovarian Valley sometime tomorrow. Then it shall only be a matter of time until victory is ours.

Your tactics have worked to perfection General Testiclese. Our morale swells knowing that even now you are raising a second wave to reinforce our position here. I look forward to their arrival. Vaginus bless us and our glorious campaign.


Captain Spermitus